Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Review - Pavo Textiles Penumbra Lunar

Meet Pavo. Audrey likes it so much she promptly passed out. That had nothing to do with it being nearly 9pm, but is all down to the delicious detergent the last owner washed with before sending it far across the ocean. What did I trade? A piece of my black and white Solstice Studios custom... This is how our wraps travel and acquire their own stories ;)

Pavo wraps are just divine. Well, Penumbra Lunar is, anyway. Weighing in at 280 gr/m2, it's a dense but light weave in blue-black. The squiggles manage to be playful and classy all at once and create a pleasant amount of grip to lock passes into place.  You'll notice I even felt the need to accessorise ;)

This is a slightly narrow wrap which might be a challenge if you're wrapping a tall toddler or a child instead of a baby; I didn't find it problematic, but it's something to be aware of. Otherwise, the cushiness and diagonal give in this weave make it a dream for toddler wrapping. It has a slightly elastic feel that is magic. Very much looking forward to further adventures with this new company. 

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